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Our groups welcome everyone and are a great source to begin beating addiction

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Mick Hartley - Founder

At the age of 45 I entered a rehab for cocaine addiction. I’ve used most drugs. I lost the choice to say no. MY LIFE BECAME A MESS! After leaving rehab I began a life in recovery, attended regularly at 12 step meetings & volunteered in the Sheffield Recovery Community. I worked dam hard at my recovery. After some thought I decided I wanted to show the people who was in a place of hopelessness, a state where I had been for many years that recovery is possible. I founded KickBack Recovery. The rest is history. I would like to thank all that are involved with KickBack Recovery & help us with our cause.


3 Years Strong

In just 3 years, we have grown from strength to strength as both a charity and a group

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We offer a range of services that work on helping people overcome addiction, find purpose and help them grow beyond their addictions

Recovery... What Is It?

Recovery is a process - a daily realisation where you find purpose and enjoyment from life, tackling everyday problems head on with strength & courage. Click the play button below to hear some stories from people who have got through the recovery process and


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