KICKBACK RECOVERY is an organisation based in Sheffield for people suffering from Substance Misuse, those in Recovery and their associated Mental Health issues. We pride ourselves on being a Lived Experience Recovery Organisation. We also support affected family members.
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KickBack Recovery is a safe place to speak openly and honestly. It provides education and understanding and new friendships. I would highly recommend Kickback Recovery to anyone who wants Recovery and a new way of living.

Coleen, Sheffield
(Recovering Alcoholic)

KickBack Recovery has saved my life, the Staying Stopped project allowed me to become a volunteer which keeps me busy and gives me a purpose. Addiction meant I lost most my family and friends but now I’m part of KickBack it’s like I have a new family, we are always there to support each other. The Recovery Education that Mick delivers is invaluable, I know what to do on the tough days and I have a better understanding of addiction and how to avoid relapse. My mental health has really improved.

Pete, Sheffield
(Recovering Drug Addict)

Being a part of KickBack Recovery has brought me a sense of comfort and encouragement as I deal with my son’s addiction. They have reinforced what I have learnt over the years about making sure I am not enabling my son and at the same time I have had some heart-breaking insight into how an addict thinks.

Kathleen, Canada
(Affected Family Member)

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