Tracy Grantham (Sheffield)

Attending the meetings and being part of the KickBack Recovery Group has helped me gain a better understanding of addiction. Listening and talking to others gives an amazing insight into how difficult and different the recovery journey is.

As an affected family member, I feel it can also help others to understand the impact on friends and family as well as the individual themselves.

The Facebook page is also a great means of support, especially if you can’t get to meetings. Reading posts can be very humbling and I hope my posts and comments help others as much as they do me. Sharing information, tips and journey stories can be extremely moving, motivational and uplifting.

Mick Hartley is such an inspiration and a great ambassador for recovery. Through KBR, I have been privileged to meet many wonderful individuals at meetings, events and walks too. I feel I am part of a huge new family!!!

Thank you to each and every KickBacker 💜