Mick Hartley

At the age of 45, I entered rehab for cocaine addiction. When I was 12 years old I decided to rebel against any authority. I also started sniffing solvents & soon became familiar with the juvenile courts. At the age of 16, I experienced my first prison sentence & over the years to come received another 3.

I always felt less than & was constantly seeking validation. I chased people, places & things to change the way I felt. I’ve used most drugs & became addicted to cocaine.

I lost the choice to say no.


After leaving rehab I began a life in recovery. I attended regularly at 12 step anonymous fellowship meetings. I volunteered in the Sheffield Recovery Community. I worked dam hard at my recovery. After some thought, I decided I didn’t want to be silent any more!

I used social media as a tool to share my story & made recovery visible! I wanted to show the people who were in a place of hopelessness, a state where I had been for many years that recovery is possible.

I founded KickBack Recovery a peer-led community group supporting people struggling with addiction / mental health problems & their affected family members. We put on regular weekly group therapy sessions, fitness training & activities working in partnership with other organisations.

People started to get well.

We raised awareness through educational sessions in The Sheffield College & now have a full-time base there.

The rest is just history.

I would like to thank all that are involved with KickBack Recovery & help us with our cause.

Call: 07557269808